A Grade 7 student at Park Avenue Elementary in Nanaimo wants to provide real warmth to those in need this holiday season.

Colin O’Handley hopes to gather 500 pairs of new socks and 300 toques to donate to local homeless shelters.

The 11-year old has set up a donation box in front of his school on Eighth Street and at John Barsby Community School on Seventh Street.

Colin’s mom says he’s always¬†had an interest in helping homeless people.

It started with a trip he took with his cub troop to Vancouver where he saw a person begging for food and gave them his only $2.

When the weather turned cold this year, he became concerned with people being cold and hungry so he had the idea to start collecting warm items to donate.

Colin is also raising funds via e-transfer at [email protected]


Ben O'Hara