Gordon Head garage fire displaces husband and wife, damaging two cars

Gordon Head garage fire displaces husband and wife, damaging two cars
Two people are displaced after a home in Gordon Head caught fire Sunday night.

Saanich residents in Gordon Head were shaken out of a sleepy Sunday night when a fire broke out.

“I thought someone was breaking into our house because I heard glass breaking,” said Akshay Bhagria who lives next door. “We both checked outside there was a huge-ass flame in our neighbour’s garage.”

Bhagria and his five roommates rushed to call 911 and make sure their neighbours were safe.

“The homeowner was trying to take it out with the hose, but the flames were too big and flames were spreading really quickly,” said Bhagria.

Monday morning the homeowner was back at the home, shaken with singed hair and surveying the damage.

Visible from the street was a garage with doors ripped off, two cars parked, totally burnt out. Inspectors were seen going through the wreckage but say the cause hasn’t been determined yet.

The homeowner didn’t want to speak on camera but told CHEK News no one was hurt or injured in the fire. He was seen grabbing some clothes from inside, saying it would be a while before he and his wife would be able to move back in.

Neighbours in the small Gordon Head cul-de-sac say they’re just grateful that everyone made it out alive.

“The flame was just so high up that it was unbelievable,” said Gurshran Saran, who lives next door. “Although there was a lot of panic here in this area, the firefighters were able to come really quickly.”

Somehow the neighbouring house was left with only minor damage.

“We got super lucky,” said Josh Fitzpatrick. “We don’t have renter insurance, so if all our schooling and belongings went up we’d have nothing to speak for.”

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