Gas thieves go to ‘new level’ in Nanaimo by cutting fuel line of truck, risking workers safety

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Shawn Jensen unlocked his fenced compound in Nanaimo Thursday, worried what he might find done to his moving truck, after a frightening discovery on Sunday.

“In this case, they cut the fuel line from the gas cap into the fuel tank leaving it exposed so it was a different level of crime, in my opinion, the safety of my guys of course,” said Jensen, the owner of Junk in Our Trunk.

Jensen said he feared soaring gas prices over $2 per litre might lead to fuel theft, but never expected it to get to this. Cutting this fuel line could have turned tragic, as leaking fuel could have caused the truck to explode if a spark had been present.

“Cutting the gas line is a new level and putting our team in harm’s way is unacceptable,” said Jensen.

The mover is a well-known supporter of local charities, every week donating housewares and furniture that he moves, to community thrift stores.

“He’s trying to help the community, he’s our go-to guy, picks up where we can’t go into say elderly residences,” said the Manager of Nanaimo’s Habitat for Humanity Restore, Dawn McHarg.

According to McHarg, the Restore receives truckloads of donations from Jensen and had its own trucks hit by fuel theft last weekend as well.

“The gas caps were popped off, even though they were locked gas caps they can still manage to pop them off, and gas was siphoned from both vehicles,” she said.

According to Nanaimo RCMP, rising gas prices are likely fueling the theft. So vehicle owners are encouraged to take every precaution to reduce their risk.

“Criminals are targeting vehicles left in isolated areas so if you have a security camera, you have the area secured, you have eyes on it, you have possibly a lit area that will prevent thieves from moving in,” said Cst. Gary O’Brien of Nanaimo RCMP.

Jensen is adding cameras to his locked compound and repairing cuts that thieves have made to fencing. But he also plans to sleep in his moving truck overnight, to catch the thieves red-handed.

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