Gas prices jump 18 cents a litre overnight for Vancouver Island drivers


The gas prices are a jump at the pump felt by everyone, including student Emilie Gosselin who’s filling up before heading to classes.

“I’ve never seen them this high before,” she said.

Overnight, an 18-cent per litre hike in gas prices in Greater Victoria.

And for some the amount is staggering, 500 bucks for a school bus.

Gosselin said prices are forcing her to reconsider her commute.

“It makes me want to take a bus quite a lot,” she said.

And with this latest hike, B.C. holds the distinction as the jurisdiction with the highest gas prices in North America, according to investment advisor David Schneider.

“Yes, we have the highest gas prices, I know of in Canada,” Schneider said. “Because our tax rate is so much higher than the U.S. pumps, yes, we have the highest prices right now in North America.”

And Schneider doesn’t expect those prices to go anywhere but up.

“They could go a lot higher. I’m hearing that it could be close to two bucks a litre this weekend,” he said.

A number of factors are influencing prices, economies are opening up after a tough two pandemic years, the summer driving season is just around the corner, and the war in Ukraine is creating instability in the markets.

Many consumers, like Victoria resident Michael McWhinnie, are prepared for a rough ride.

“The reasons behind those gas prices, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a crime. And I have total sympathy with the Ukrainians and what they are going through right now,” McWhinnie said. “So if my gas prices have to go up, that’s a small price to pay to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainians.

And a warning from Premier John Horgan to British Columbians about what’s ahead.

“Unfortunately, until such time as we get stability in the international marketplace, our prices are going to continue to be volatile,” Horgan said.

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