Family shares acts of kindness every year in memory of late daughter

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Bouquets of flowers being placed around Sidney for people to find as part of random acts of kindness in memory of Shannon Godine.

In memory of their late daughter Shannon, the Godine family and friends remember her by performing random acts of kindness every year on her birthday.

January 28 would have been Shannon’s 46th birthday, but three and a half years ago she passed away after battling ovarian cancer.

“It means the world to me because it just opens up my heart and I feel like her kindness is being spread all over the place even though she’s not here in her body anymore,” says Shannon’s mother, Sarala Godine.

These random acts of kindness can be anything from buying someone a coffee, helping out a neighbour, or in Sarah’s case, putting out fresh bouquets of flowers around Sidney for locals to find while they’re out and about — on the bouquets, a little message that reads “From Shannon.”

“She saw the absolute good in everyone, often to a fault,” says Shannon’s good friend, Sarah Hughes. “It gives all of her friends and people who loved her who participate, it gives some purpose to something and I think it’s something Shannon would have really liked.”

Shannon’s mother, Sarala thought it would be a good way to not only lift her spirits on a very difficult day but also those around her.

“I thought, she was such a kind person, well what a way to get through the day,” says Godine.

While it may just be another day for most, the family is inviting anyone who wants, to take part.

“There are a million things you can do to just be kind and I think that all of us could use more of that and that’s our hope,” adds Hughes.

A Facebook page, called Shannon’s Day of Kindness has been created for anyone wanting to partake and share how they plan to bring a smile to someone’s face and make the day a little kinder.

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