Family of four rescued off Sidney shores

Family of four rescued off Sidney shores

Robert's Bay kayak rescue

Two boats aiding in the rescue of a family of four kayakers off the coast of Robert’s Bay, Sidney.

Choppy waters and a strong current sent a family of four out for a midday paddle overboard this holiday Monday.

Just after lunchtime, the family of kayakers launched near Robert’s Bay in Sidney, from Surfside Place. They were about half a kilometre away from shore when a neighbour spotted their overturned boat in the water.

“I was in my living room looking through the spotting scope, and I happened to see a family of four in one single kayak and it was pretty choppy out there and the current was going, and sure enough, they fell into the water,” said neighbour Ken Howard.

Ken Howard

Ken Howard saw the family of four’s kayak flip bout half a kilometre away from shore.

Howard called 911 right away but watched as the family spent around 10 minutes floating in the water. The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) was in the early stages of response before they were called off.

“We did task out a Coast Guard Auxiliary but the kayakers were out of the water before we even got out of the bay,” said the JRCC.

It was an American boat that spotted the family in the choppy waters and came to their rescue.

“So they’re pretty lucky,” said Howard. 

Officials say everyone got out of the water with no reported injuries.



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