Experts predict wet spring but warn of a hot and dry summer in British Columbia


Spring weather has made its way to the Island, but a lack of April showers has one expert sounding the alarm.

Ian Bruce, an executive coordinator with the Peninsula Streams Society, says the vegetation around the Island is showing strains from years of drought, and he’s worried by the lack of rain so far in 2023.

He says that this spring is one of the driest he’s seen.

Bruce says there are sensitive creeks on the Island, such as the one his organization cares for that helps keep cutthroat Salmon cool during the warmer weather and a lack of rain is threatening those bodies of water across the South Island.

“The impacts of the recent drought through the spring have been that there has been less water flowing through the streams,” he adds.

Despite the dry conditions, the province updated its seasonal weather forecast Thursday and put out a rain alert.

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Courtesy of Environment Canada.

Experts warn of hot summer, possibility of early fire season

Temperatures are expected to start rising later this summer, according to Armel Castellan, Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada.

“There is also enough noise there [that] we cannot say that we will or we won’t see a heat dome again,” Castellan said. He says an extreme heat emergency or even an early start to the fire season shouldn’t be ruled out.

Forecasters monitoring B.C.’s weather, streamflow and wildfire activity will help the province and its residents prepare for potential disasters.

The BC Wildfire Service reports 11 wildfires since April first, weeks before the official start of fire season.

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