Exercise bikes put in Saanich elementary school aim to keep kids focused

Exercise bikes put in Saanich elementary school aim to keep kids focused

WATCH: Luisa Alvarez went to Strawberry Vale Elementary School on Tuesday to see how exercise bikes in the classroom are helping kids maintain their productivity. 

Strawberry Vale Elementary School in Saanich is one of a handful in School District 61 to purchase exercise bikes to put in the classroom.

Sitting in a desk for hours can make kids restless and wanting to move, but getting up and running around to release that energy can be disruptive.

The bikes at the school aim to solve that problem but Emma Marley, Strawberry Vale Elementary School vice principal and teacher, says that is not all the equipment does.

” In the past, we would send them for a little run to the special tree, or they would go for a walk around the building, but as a teacher, you’re always thinking, OK, I am no longer seeing them, this way I can still be supervising them,” Marley said. 

“They are getting out their wiggles, and some of the boys who really love to do mountain biking really love it. They will ride really hard for five or ten minutes, other students will go on the bike and will pedal really slowly while they are working or reading a book so each child uses it the way that works best for them.” 

Right now, the school has purchased four bikes that have been rotated among each classroom to let the kids test it out and see if they like it.

” My son Eric has had it in his class and my son Sean hasn’t yet and everyday, he comes home and says when are we going to get the bike?” says Moira McLean, parent of a fourth-grade student.

Each bike costs around $700 and Strawberry Vales Parent Committee has already ordered 10 more.

By Christmas break, the goal is to have one in every classroom.



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