‘Everyone started laughing:’ Langford brothers turn heads with their movie-themed cars

'Everyone started laughing:' Langford brothers turn heads with their movie-themed cars

WATCH: Two brothers are turning heads with their movie-themed cars and it’s all part of a little friendly competition. April Lawrence reports.

Brothers Steven and Tyler Beselt enjoy a good laugh and that becomes pretty clear when you see what they’re driving.

“I drove by a worksite and everyone started laughing,” said Steve.

The pair have decked out their vehicles in movie themes as part of a little friendly competition they started three years ago.

“Cheapest car we could buy and go as far as we possibly could,” said Steve.

That year they each spent a few hundred dollars on used cars and surprisingly made it all the way to Washington, DC. Then they drove all the way home.

“We really bonded as brothers when we did it and it was hilarious.”

So they decided to do it again, but this time with a twist

“Since we were going to L.A. we thought Hollywood movie cars would be the best way to go,” said Tyler.

Steve opted to buy an old Ford Explorer and turn it into the vehicle from Jurassic Park.

“Greatest movie ever made, easily,” he joked.

But not to be outdone, Tyler had his own critically acclaimed movie in mind. He bought a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am and turned it into the Wonder Bread race care from Will Ferrel’s movie “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”.

“I think definitely in the states it’s a cult classic almost everyone knows some of his lines somewhere even if they don’t know what it’s actually from,” he said.

Each brother had $1000 to buy the car and deck it out. But once they realized how much work it would be, it turned from competition to team effort.

“I needed his help, he needed my help so we worked on them together,” said Steve.

They’re quick to admit their artistic skills could use a little work.

“So it looks good from far but far from good,” said Tyler.

“People always ask us why are we doing this? And honestly why not?”

Both have put their favourite movie line on the back of their car and the hashtag #vanlax2019 so you can follow their journey.

They leave for California Thursday morning and unless they run into car trouble, their adventure will last two weeks.

April LawrenceApril Lawrence

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