Eat local at South Island food courts: Victoria foodie picks her top 10 food court restaurants

Eat local at South Island food courts: Victoria foodie picks her top 10 food court restaurants

Just because it’s served in a food court doesn’t mean it’s not local. That was the big realization in a recent discussion on the MicCHEK Podcast. In Episode 117 the podcast asked local foodie Janine Boom from @BestEatsVictoria to pick her top 10 restaurants in Greater Victoria from local food courts. Here’s what she picked:

Noodle Fans – Hillside Shopping Centre

“They are locally owned and they just announced that they’re also opening a location in Mayfair mall. They offer a wide variety of different types of noodles. They have Japanese style noodles, Korean flavours, Taiwanese flavours as well as Chinese. What’s really fun is that once a day they make fresh wontons right in front of you.”

Pho Tru – Mayfair Shopping Centre

“It’s also locally owned. One thing that I highly recommend is their Saigon Subs, they’re basically Banh Mi. I like the one with cured ham, pork roll and pâté.”

Roast – Victoria Public Market

“I feel like the Victoria Public Market is one of the greatest food courts we have in the city. They’re definitely known for their sandwiches but I like their salad bar. What’s also fun is they offer bigger meals so if you don’t want to cook you can get a whole rotisserie chicken.”

Spice It Indian – Victoria Public Market

“This one was recommended to me from @TastingVictoria on Instagram. A lot of people will know about her Instagram account. I have their lamb curry combo which is just under $20 and I must admit the flavour in this curry was awesome. It was a great meal and I’d definitely go back again.”

Cinnzeo – Hillside Shopping Centre

“It’s a dessert place but they do have some savoury things as well. They serve coffee as well. You can see them making the cinnamon buns in front of you so you know they’re fresh. And here’s a fun tip, they also do cinnamon bun birthday cakes. It’s about 10-12 mini cinnamon buns in a cake shape, and it’s covered with frosting.”

Hiro Japan – Hillside Shopping Centre

“They have sushi to-go or you can order freshly made sushi and they also have nigiri and noodle soups as well. I’m a bit picky when it comes to rice in to-go sushi but this is pretty good and it’s affordable. You can get a 10-piece California roll for $5.50.”

Local Pizza – Hillside Shopping Centre

“It’s set up so you can go grab a slice or you can go get a full pizza. They do feature a Tandoori Pizza which is really good. They have an option where you can pick eight different slices and they charge you $20 for it. It’s an easy-to-go pizza and it’s extra large.”

Mia Pasta – Mayfair Shopping Centre

“You can either go with one of their predetermined flavours like pesto chicken or a seafood flavour, or you can make your own where you select the kind of noodle and sauce and protein and they cook it all in front of you. I specifically had the seafood pasta which had prawns, lobster and scallops and a small size was just over $10.”

Messob – Cook Street Village Food Court

“There are three businesses in this food court and they have seating and a patio. I got the Ethiopian spicy beef combo and the whole thing is under $12. I was blown away by how much food you get for that price.”

BruBike – Cook Street Village Food Court 

“They just opened this location as a more permanent location. They started selling coffee out of a bike trailer, but now they’re in the Cook Street Village food court. They also have cookies and muffins and they’re also planning to do charcuterie boards.”

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