Duncan piano playing phenom draws admiring crowds


WATCH: A Duncan musician has become a sensation with locals and tourists alike as he plays his heart out on that downtown’s streets. Harry Hull composes as he goes and with a borrowed piano and fans that grow by the day,  the attention is turning his life around.

The sound of music can be heard across Duncan’s downtown this spring. It’s source is not speakers but a special man who’s enjoying the very best part of his day.

Everyday around lunch time, you’ll find 62-year-old Harry Hull downtown, playing on a banged-up old piano left outside Duncan Showroom.

“I thought there was a concert somewhere, that’s why I had to look,” said one woman who was walking by.

“He’s so good. He’s so talented,” said another onlooker.

The showroom’s Longevity John Falkner had the piano sitting around and decided as an experiment to leave it out front and see what happened. He never imagined it would turn out like it has.

“And then Harry showed up one day,” said Falkner. “Maybe two, three months ago and makes it come alive.”

“So I started playing it and nobody said stop and I just kept playing,” said Hull.

Like the highs and lows of his music, Harry’s life has hit a hard chord. The extraordinary piano player who learned to play as a small child is an out-of-work forestry worker who has now turned to eating at the food bank every day to get by. That’s where he heard about this old piano that he says is bringing a silver lining to the cloud that’s currently hanging over him.

“And I can play away and I know that nothing’s gonna hurt me here,” Hull said.


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