Duncan horse rescue that’s saved hundreds may have to close its doors


WATCH: A Duncan rescue that saves horses bound for slaughter is facing a heart wrenching decision, how soon it will have to close its doors as costs make it impossible to carry on. Humanity for Horses Rescue has already bought over 300 horses that were going to meat and re-homed them to forever homes, but the price has been high for the tiny operation to bear.

They range from tiny to tall and old to very young, but have one sad thing in common. Until now they have all been “unwanteds.”

“And I wish people could see the beauty in them,” said Rebecca Sanesh.

“Instead of just thinking of them as livestock,” said the Founder of Humanity for Horses Rescue in Duncan.

Each one of the Duncan rescue’s current 38 horses was once bound for slaughter, snapped up at auctions for prices as low as $35 and out of the hands of meat buyers.

“They appreciate it,” said Sanesh.

“They know they’ve been saved. There’s no doubt about it,” she said.

“They know they’ve been saved and they’re safe,” said Sanesh.

Here they are loved, nursed to health and rehabilitated to one day be re-homed with families that will love them.

Sanesh has saved some 300 animals with that recipe but it has cost her dearly.

“I’ve used all my savings,” said Sanesh.

“I’ve remortgaged my house,” she said.

It costs $200 a day to feed the animals, thousands more each month in veterinary costs. So the non-profit is facing the real possibility it will have to close.

“And its heartbreaking really. I’m going to cry,” said Sanesh.

“I feel so bad. It’s really upsetting to think that we can’t continue doing this,” said Sanesh.

“It’s making a difference in the lives of the horses,” said Sanesh’s daughter Angie Mossa.

“And its making a difference in the lives of the people that adopt them,” she said.

So the non-profit is holding a fundraising night at CVI restaurant in Duncan Dec. 2 and has launched a gofundme campaign in hopes, others will want to help save these horses too.

“If we can get the funds yeah we’d continue,” said Sanesh.

Otherwise Sanesh has decided Dec. 31 will be the day this rescue closes its doors for good and stops giving out second chances to horses that need them.

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