Dogs seized after owner allegedly uses them to threaten police officers: Saanich Police

Dogs seized after owner allegedly uses them to threaten police officers: Saanich Police
Saanich Police arrested a man after multiple attempts to have him move his encampment failed, and allege the man threatened police officers.

A man with an encampment near the Galloping Goose Bridge at the Trans-Canada Highway at Carey Road intersection has been arrested after he allegedly threatened police officers with his dogs, according to Saanich Police.

On Tuesday around 12:30 p.m., officers attended the 51-year-old man’s encampment to speak with him. Police say he had become “entrenched” on private property with a tent, personal property, and two dogs. According to a news release, one of the dogs had been deemed dangerous by the City of Victoria.

Police say the man had become increasingly confrontational with police about moving, and officers had attempted to connect him with social services and housing opportunities which he refused.

Saanich Police says he was warned he would be arrested under the Trespass Act if he did not move.

Monday and Tuesday he was issued warnings to move his encampment, which had begun obstructing the path.

Police allege the man threatened to kill police with his dogs if they did not leave, and then he fled to the highway where he allegedly continued to threaten police.

Officers closed traffic on the highway while dealing with the situation.

Police used a bean-bag gun on the man, and were able to arrest him and bring him to the Saanich Police Department. According to police, the man has injuries consistent with being hit by bean-bags.

He has been charged with assault with a weapon, obstructing a peace officer and trespassing. He remains in police custody.

According to Saanich Police, the dogs “lunged” at officers, which is why the man is being charged with assault with a weapon.

An online report alleges Saanich Police shot one of the dogs with the bean-bag gun, but police are adamant that only the man was shot with the bean-bag gun.

Police say neither of the dogs were harmed, and they have been seized by the CRD Animal Control Services.


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