A tent was destroyed after a fire started at Saanich's tent ciy on Sunday (Photo: Marilou Gagnon Twitter: @mlgagnon_XVII )

A tent was destroyed after a fire started at Saanich’s tent ciy on Sunday (Photo: Marilou Gagnon Twitter: @mlgagnon_XVII )

Officials say a discarded lit cigarette was the cause of a fire that destroyed a tent and its contents at Regina Park on Sunday.

The fire broke out around 12 p.m. and was first extinguished by Camp Namegans occupants but did continue to smoulder. Firefighters soaked the area for hot spots and made sure the fire was completely extinguished.

The Saanich Fire Department said on Tuesday that the cause of the fire was a lit cigarette, which had been left smouldering on some combustible materials inside a tent.

The fire destroyed the tent and the occupant’s belongings. A neighbouring tent had also begun to catch fire before the blaze was extinguished. No one was injured during the fire. Within the fire debris, firefighters found two lighters, a butane canister and one melted gas container.

Earlier this summer, the Saanich Fire Department issued fire inspection orders, which included a prohibition against smoking in the park and a requirement to move fuel containers to safe areas.

Then on Aug. 13, a BC Supreme Court judge gave the encampment occupants 72 hours to comply with the fire orders. The District of Saanich said to date, the occupants have not complied.