Despite rain Cameron Bluffs Wildfire holding at 208 hectares

Despite rain Cameron Bluffs Wildfire holding at 208 hectares

The rain offered the crews battling the Cameron Bluffs Wildfire some reprieve, but the blaze continues to be classified as out-of-control and of note.

YESTERDAY: Cameron Bluffs wildfire grows to 208 hectares, some rain in the forecast

As of Saturday afternoon, the fire’s official size remained the same as Friday — 208 hectares.

While it rained across most of Vancouver Island, it wasn’t enough to reduce the Camerons Bluff Wildfire. However, officials on the scene tell CHEK News it offered some reprieve for the crews working the area.

“Even with the rain that we have, it’s not making a huge impact on the deep drought that we have underneath the ground,” says Donna MacPherson, a fire information officer with the Coastal Fire Centre. “The crews are experiencing a bit of a reprieve with the dampness that’s come in. So that’s good news, they were able to do a small ignition on the higher part of the fire, and they’re working down both the back, the very highest part of the fire, and down both flanks.”

Currently, crews on the ground are reporting that the cooler day has significantly affected the behaviour of the fire.

“Right now they’re seeing what we call a smouldering ground fire. So it’s just smoke on the ground with a little bit of open flame,” said MacPherson.

There are currently 76 firefighters on the ground, along with four helicopters and ten pieces of heavy equipment battling the fire. MacPherson says the biggest challenge they’re facing today is avoiding all the danger trees and debris that’s coming down around them, along with very poor air quality in the area.

Highway 4 remains closed as a result of the fire.

Friday, the detour route through Lake Cowichan had to be shut down for several hours to retrieve an overturned truck near Francis Lake.


On Saturday, the road re-opened — following the truck’s successful retrieval.

Beginning Sunday, pilot vehicles operated by the ministry will escort essential vehicles transporting supplies, four times a day.

READ MORE: Prioritized convoys carrying supplies on Highway 4 detour begin Sunday

Courtesy of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.



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