Deer shot with arrow seen walking on an Oak Bay golf course

Deer shot with arrow seen walking on an Oak Bay golf course
The deer was seen on the Uplands Golf course with an arrow sticking out of its side

A deer with an arrow protruding from its left side was spotted in Oak Bay at the Uplands Golf Club.

Ron, who didn’t want to share his last name due to privacy concerns, said he was out with his golfing group when they spotted the buck limping at about 2:30 p.m. on Thursday.

“We’re used to seeing a lot of deer around Oak Bay,” Ron said. “It was following a doe like bucks do and we thought, OK, it seems to be taking it kind of easy.”

But when the buck came closer, he realized an arrow was sticking out of its side.

Ron followed the buck for about 35 metres until it disappeared into the thicket behind the doe. He snapped a few photos in the meantime, while one of the other members of his golfing group called Oak Bay Police.

An officer walked the golf course and patrolled the surrounding area in an attempt to locate the deer, but was unable to find it, according to police.

Ron said he also notified the BC Conservation Officer Service (BCCOS) when he got home that evening.

BCCOS is encouraging anyone who comes across the buck to give him space and immediately call the BCCOS’ RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.

“If we can get the public to cooperate and keep eyes on where it goes, hopefully we can catch up to it,” said Scott Norris, conservation officer. “Our hope would be obviously to try to tranquilize it and see if we can remove [the arrow] without causing too much harm.”

Norris noted it depends on what kind of tip the arrow has and how deep it is.

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There’s no open hunting season in that area, he said, noting people are not allowed to hunt deer with a bow and arrow or crossbow within city limits.

“This is illegal activity in a location like that, in town, and a danger to the public,” Norris said. “And now you’ve got an injured animal suffering because of it.”

The wound was at the bottom of the buck’s ribcage with what seemed to be dry blood, Ron noted, adding that the whole situation is very concerning.

“The longer you think about it, you realize that somebody [may be] sitting, presumably in their yard, with a crossbow, or some kind of bow and arrow, that’s deciding to take target practice on an animal in an urban area,” he said.

If anyone knows the perpetrator, Norris added, call the RAPP hotline.

“There’s some people out there that for whatever reason think this is a good idea and its a terrible idea,” he said. “It injures wildlife and endangers the public. It’s a terrible thing.”

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