Deer killed on Snapchat video near Campbell River sparks outrage

Deer killed on Snapchat video near Campbell River sparks outrage

WATCH: A video shared on Snapchat last week shows deer being shot then bleeding out while still alive.

Campbell River hunter Travis Uzzell said he has been on a lot of deer hunts but he hasn’t seen anything as gruesome as a video that was shared on Snapchat last week showing a deer being shot, having its throat slit and bleeding out, even though it was still alive.

The man in the video and the person recording the video are both heard laughing and seen high-fiving.

The video quickly garnered a negative reaction.

“It’s disgusting, the fact that anyone would think that it could be ok for him to treat an animal like that blows my mind,” said Clayton Rye.

The video shows a man shooting a deer from the hip in the backyard of a home in a residential subdivision.

The deer is then dragged closer to the house and the next thing viewers see are images of the deer bleeding out and apparently writhing in pain.

“You know what if someone is willing to shoot in an illegal zone the first time, then shoot it again and put it out of its misery,” said Uzzell. “Don?t bleed it out and drag it around by its foot and laugh about it because that?s inhumane.”

The BC Conservation Officer Service and the RCMP are both aware of the video.

“It was disturbing to some people,” said Campbell River RCMP Cpl. Ron Vlooswyk. “It?s certainly worth investigating. We are assisting the Conservation Officer Service in determining whether or not any charges are warranted.”

No charges have been laid thus far so CHEK News is not identifying those involved but it’s believed the incident happened at a home on the Quinsam Reserve.

“I know there are a few other people within the community that disagree with what had happened and how unethical it was and what happened in the video definitely makes the rest of us First Nation hunters look bad for sure,” said Dallas Huffman, who also lives on the reserve.

“It?s a deplorable act, it shows no regard for the animal’s life,” said Kelly Lance. “Shooting it with a calibre that?s not even capable of killing it ethically and just watching it suffer.”

He believes the deer was shot with a .22 calibre rifle which he adds would be illegal for hunting deer

WARNING: This video contains graphic content and some viewers may find it disturbing. Raw footage that is circulating on social media shows a deer being killed on camera.

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