Dad delivers Victoria’s New Year’s baby on family’s laundry room floor

Dad delivers Victoria's New Year's baby on family's laundry room floor

WATCH: Not only was she Victoria’s New Year’s baby, but Hallie Rae Tuit also made quite the entrance into this world. April Lawrence has the story.

Hallie Rae Tuit is only one day old but she already has quite the story to tell.

It was a quiet New Year’s Eve at the Tuit family’s Central Saanich home.

Elaine woke up with mild contractions around 1 a.m. but since labour with their first daughter took 22 hours, she didn’t think much of it.

But just a few hours later, the process hit fast forward.

“She said I felt like I need to push and then uh oh, her water broke,” said Elaine’s husband Rob Tuit.

A trained firefighter, Rob called 911 and a paramedic coached him over the phone as his little girl came into the world on the family’s laundry room floor.

“I got down there and it took about two pushes and the head came out right away then the whole baby was out and I was still running around in my underwear I hadn’t even put clothes on yet,” Rob joked.

Even Hallie’s two-year-old sister pitched in.

“I got my daughter to grab my running shoe that was over in the corner and I tied off the umbilical cord,” Rob said.

“My daughter surprisingly she was up by my head and not crying and just watched her baby sister be born by her dad, get delivered by her dad, so it was a nice family bonding experience for sure,” Elaine said.

It wasn’t until they arrived at Victoria General Hospital the parents found out there was more ? Hallie was Victoria’s New Year’s baby.

After receiving a gift basket and some knit items for their new baby, the Tuits were ready to head home to Central Saanich Tuesday where the incredible adventure all began.

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