‘It’s just a madhouse’: Big crowds in Victoria as Sears Canada begins its liquidation sale

'It's just a madhouse': Big crowds in Victoria as Sears Canada begins its liquidation sale

WATCH: The parking lot at Hillside Mall was packed as Sears Canada began its liquidation sale. April Lawrence reports.

It was so busy in the Sears store in Hillside Mall in Victoria Thursday some people waiting more than 30 minutes just to pay.

“It’s just a madhouse,” said shopper Virginia Rizzo.

“I knew what I wanted I went and got it and I spent more time in line than I did getting the items.’

And it wasn’t just the inside, the mall’s parking lot was jammed as well.

Many people were hunting for a deal as the retailer launched its liquidation sale across the country.

The deals weren’t astounding on day one, with most items starting at just 20 per cent off.

Although one shopper managed to buy prescription sunglasses that were 50 per cent off.

“About 300 bucks I saved actually just at the Sears sunglass place there,” said Myron Pereira.


Gloria Wills had to buy a water filter that wasn’t on sale at all, and the fridge it goes in no longer has an extended warranty.

As it prepares to close its doors, Sears Canada has stopped honouring extended warranties, leaving many Canadians out hundreds of dollars.

“It’s one of those risks you take, I bought all of my appliances from sears, i’ve been happy with them for many years. So it’s one of those things that happens,” said Wills.

But there may be hope for some people according to one finance expert.

“What many Canadians don’t realize is that many credit cards offer a buyer protection plan which acts as an extended warranty so after your manufacturer’s warranty has ended many of these plans kick in to give you an additional one maybe two years of protection so call up your credit insurer see if you’re protected,” said expert Kerry Taylor.

The final clearance sale will run right through the holiday shopping season finishing up at the end of January.

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