Crofton paper mill curtailment extended into 2024

Crofton paper mill curtailment extended into 2024
The Catalyst Crofton mill is pictured on Dec. 12, 2021.

On Friday, Paper Excellence announced an ongoing curtailment at its Crofton mill would continue into the new year, leaving dozens of workers off the job.

The company said the curtailment at the Catalyst Crofton mill would continue until February 2024.

Approximately 70 paper workers at the mill will remain out of work, many months after the curtailment was first announced.

Curtailments have plagued the Vancouver Island mill to various degrees since October 2022.

While some 300 workers returned to the mill in September, those employees worked largely in pulp production.

At the time, paper workers were told the curtailment would extend until October, and then in October the company announced the curtailment had been extended by another month until the end of November.


On Friday, Paper Excellence said the curtailment would have to be extended again for 90 days until February 2024 “due to challenging market conditions which have not recovered as anticipated.”

“Paper Excellence Canada continues to work with our employees to mitigate the impact of the ongoing paper production curtailment,” said the company in its release Friday.

The company adds that it will still try to make products for customers that are normally made at the Crofton mill at different Paper Excellence facilities where possible.

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