Criminologist says Nanaimo shooting appears to be retribution

Criminologist says Nanaimo shooting appears to be retribution

WATCH: Nerves are still frayed after a deadly shooting outside an apartment complex over the weekend. A 34-year-old man was gunned down Saturday morning in what police are calling a targeted attack. Kendall Hanson reports. 

Forensic investigators were back at the scene of Saturday’s deadly shooting for a third day on Monday, taking more pictures and videos.

The police tape and exhibit markers are now gone but residents’ emotions are still on edge.

“I’m feeling better than I was yesterday that’s for sure and better than Saturday but it definitely shook me up,” said neighbour Alison Plumb.

Another neighbour’s emotions have turned to anger. The wall beside his door was hit and so was a nearby car in the spray of bullets.

“I would’ve been walking right out here and the bullet hole is right there in the wall,” said Caleb Johanson. “A matter of just a couple of minutes and I would’ve been coming out with the dog.”

Police identified the victim as 34-year-old Troy Dax McKinnon. He lived in Unit 40 of Hawthorne Corner. His family and his girlfriend were at his apartment on Monday but declined an interview.

McKinnon had a long criminal record. He was released from prison less than a year ago after serving a seven-year sentence for organizing the kidnapping of a rival gang member.

“It shocks me just not knowing the history of the people living around you,” said Plumb. “Anybody could move in.”

A criminologist at Simon Fraser University isn’t surprised McKinnon was a target.

“This has retribution written all over it,” said Dr. Rob Gordon.

He also wonders if a new group is now in charge of the gang hits.

“Usually efforts have been made in the past to try and prevent collateral damage but in this case, it sounds very much like they were careless,” said Gordon. “I’m very hesitant to draw links here, but there was an equally careless shooting in Vancouver a couple of days ago and one of the innocent young bystanders has just died.”

Nanaimo RCMP says they are still searching for the suspects in the shooting but Gordon suspects all those involved fled from Vancouver Island immediately.

Kendall HansonKendall Hanson

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