Team cuts and delivers free firewood for Cowichan Tribes elders

Team cuts and delivers free firewood for Cowichan Tribes elders
The team is cutting free firewood for about 56 elders this year.

An Indigenous-led team is making sure the oldest in their community stay warm this winter.

For two years the crew has won the contract from Cowichan Tribes which makes sure the community’s elders have the wood they need to stay warm through the winter, all at no cost to the elders.

“Make sure they’re warm over the winter, ’cause it gets cold, most of them have wood stoves and have trouble getting wood,” said crew member Nick George.

This year, the team says they’re providing chopped wood for 56 elders.

“They’re just very thankful and usually give us treats here and there,” said Dylan George, who is coordinating the program this year.

“It’s very important, just rewarding. That’s all it is,” he said.

In the summertime, the crew fights wildfires across B.C.

“We were out there patrolling, mopping up. We have a type two crew out there and it was just a busy summer from the middle of May to the middle of September,” said Dylan.

Coming out of a long, hot season putting fires out, they’re now helping Cowichan Valley elders start them up.

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