Cordova Bay family dealing with unwanted furry friends

Raccoons causing headache for family in Cordova Bay

When Shannon and Mike Kalinka returned from a family camping trip they were greeted with some unwanted house guests.

Raccoons had taken over their lawn and were rolling back their brand new sod for some grub.

They worked to roll back the sod and scare off the critters, which has now turned into a daily battle.

“I love animals, I just don’t like them when they’re threatening my family and costing me tons of unnecessary hard-earned money and tears,” Shannon Kalinka, Cordova Bay resident said.

Mike Kalinka spends anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half everyday rolling back his sod that they spent thousands to put in just a month ago.

Local pest control experts say keeping the furry bandits away for good is hard but there are ways to be proactive to avoid attracting them.

Keeping cat food inside, waiting to put out garbage and recycling until the day of pick up and picking any fruit or berries from trees in yards are all ways to prevent the pesky critters from coming into backyards and around properties.

The couple continues to work on relocating the raccoons in hopes that the family can enjoy their yard without having to share it with their pesky neighbors.

Andrea FerrariAndrea Ferrari

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