Cordova Bay calling for increased road safety

Residents in Cordova Bay say driers are speeding through their community

In recent years Cordova Bay residents say their once very peaceful community has been taken over by cars using it as somewhat of a speedway.

Many residents saying no one really obeys the limits and there is a lot of outside traffic using the road as a short cut.

“The rule of law prevails here, and if it’s posted at 40 it should be 40,” said one man

On Monday, August 12, The Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs will present a safety plan to the Saanich council.

Saanich councilor Colin Plant said anything the council can do to make this road safer is something they would be open to doing.

“Cordova Bay road is one that undeniably people are looking to use as a short cut … we don’t really support the idea of using our neighborhood as a cut-through or as a speedway,” Colin Plant, Saanich Counselor, said.

Plant mentioned in order to lower speed limits within a municipality, it does require permission from the province.

The Cordova Bay Association will be pushing for many changes. Among the list they are asking for speeds of 40 km/h extended along the entire corridor length, installing traffic calming measures and completion of undeveloped sidewalks.

This link provides the full safety plan that will be presented to Saanich council:

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