A rash of copper thefts have damaged communication lines in Errington, Nanoose Bay and Qualicum Beach over the past ten days.

Oceanside RCMP say they’ve received five different reports of thefts after Telus communication lines were cut in those communities.

The thieves steal the wire to sell the copper for scrap.

RCMP say the crimes can jeopordize public safety by shutting down communications including 911 service and the internet for several hours.

It also diverts staff and resources to fix the damaged lines, with costs estimated to be several thousand dollars.

Areas where lines have been targeted include Shearme Road and Bowlby Road in Errington, Fairwinds Drive in Nanoose Bay at Notch Hill, and Meadowood Way in Qualicum Beach.

RCMP say of you witness anyone tampering with communication lines, please call 911.

If you have any information on these crimes, call Oceanside RCMP at 250-248-6111.