Community theatre – it’s alive and well and maybe, just a little bit quirky

Community theatre - it's alive and well and maybe, just a little bit quirky

Certainly in the case of Langham Court’s Girl in the Goldfish Bowl.

This Governor-General’s award winner by Alberta born playwright Morris Panych reflects the Cold War era he grew up through and yes, it is anywhere from a little to a lot quirky.

The lead character, 10 year old ‘Iris’, played to perfection by newcomer Lianne Coates, is certain the missile crisis of ’62 has been spawned by the death of her goldfish Amahl.

At this point, you should be aware that Amahl got his name because that’s where she bought him. Little quirky.

She soon discovers a stranger at the beach, Mr. Lawrence, who she is convinced is the re-incarnation of Amahl and here to save her parent’s troubled marriage. Lot quirky.

This production is under the scrutiny of veteran Victoria director Janet Munsil who has had a fun time interpreting Panych’s curious adolescent mindset.

The Girl in the Goldfish Bowl is on stage at the Langham Court Theatre through to Oct 14th.

Gordie TupperGordie Tupper

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