City of Victoria starts cracks down on pot shops

City of Victoria starts cracks down on pot shops

WATCH: The City of Victoria says the grace period for 13 of the city’s marijuana dispensaries is now over.

The businesses were given 60 days to apply for the appropriate paperwork. But they failed to do so.

Now, as Mary Griffin reports, the city says, “Time’s up”.

There is a security camera under the sign, and bullet proof glass at the counter.

So far, Medijuana dispensary meets all the City of Victoria requirements for getting a business license.

“They require that you have architectural plans drawn up.

That you meet certain health and safety guidelines in the design of your space.

And the security measures that are in place in your space.”

As the first pot shop owner to apply for a both a business license and rezoning, Whitehead estimates the cost at 40-thousand dollars.

“This means that only the providers who are serious about what they are doing.

And capable of meeting the standards of the city has laid out, will continue to provide those services.

I see that as a good thing.”

Of the 33 storefront dispensaries, only 23 have applied for both a business license and rezoning application.

Three of those applications are from dispensaries that haven’t even opened yet.

Leaving 13 non-complying businesses.

“I’m really proud of the fact to be from a city that is thinking of this.”

“Just want thank council for being very progressive towards policy going forward.”

After hearing from the public, Victoria council voted in favour of regulating the industry.

“I think that at the outset, think that the city was expecting that there would be more compliance with the regulations.

Because of all the upfront consultations and engagement that took place.”

Some dispensaries applied for the five thousand dollar business license, but not the 75-hundred dollar rezoning application.

Others continue to operate despite not submitting any applications.

Eventually, the city will crackdown on the non-conformists.

“We’ll just simply keep moving forward and making sure that the steps are followed.

And if they are not, the city is prepared, and certainly, to move forward with action if that is needed.”

The first public hearing for rezoning of a marijuana dispensary is April 13th.

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