City of Victoria to consult industry regarding single-use items

City of Victoria to consult industry regarding single-use items

WATCH: If you live in Victoria, there may be a day when you won’t be able to find plastic straws or styrofoam containers. That’s because the city is looking at more ways to eliminate waste. 

The City of Victoria plans to consult industry over the next six to eight months regarding the elimination of single-use items.

The move is part of the city’s goal to become zero-waste by 2050.

“What we’re doing is wanting to work with the community to figure out how can we sustainably steward the items that we use and how can we not throw so much garbage that’s unnecessary into the landfill,” said Mayor Lisa Helps.

All single-use items will be looked at, even paper ones.

The owner of Soupa Cafe in Victoria supports the move towards a greener future.

“I’ve visited lots of developing-world countries and I’ve seen the impact firsthand that plastic has on beaches and beach life and wildlife. So it’s just something that’s close to my heart,” said co-owner Avi Lugassi.

Lugassi already uses items that are either compostable or recyclable.

And beginning in July, Victoria’s plastic bag ban will come into effect. Businesses will no longer be able to give out plastic bags to customers though they can still use up their remaining stock until July 2019.

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