CHEK Upside: Victoria brewery joins international Brave Noise beer campaign


For years, the world of craft beer has often been dominated by men, but more recently there has been a shift to include more minorities in the industry.

“There’s been a lot of movement in this past year towards creating safer spaces [and] inviting more marginalized communities into the brewing industry,” said industry expert Jake Clark.

And that’s how the Brave Noise collaboration came into fruition — breweries from around the world have come together to create a unified beer while fostering a safer and more diverse work environment.

And Victoria-based Herald Street Brew Works has joined the campaign, and expects to release its new brew in a few weeks.

“Part of this collaboration is that you must write a set of values for your brewery, you must display them, you must post them and share them,” explained Clark.

“Some of the funds raised from the beer have to go towards supporting a marginalized community in your community,” he continued.

“It will go into other industries as well too and kind of spark some conversations as well,” said Herald Street head brewer Alex Miller.

“It’s great to start the conversation and to make sure that everybody has a safe working space,” added Land & Sea Brewing Co. head brewer Tessa Gabiniewicz, who is also participating in the project.

As for the beer itself, each brewery must stick to the recipe provided, but there are some subtle tweaks allowed.

“We kept with the same malt build but we did change the hops around a little bit just to play around,” said Miller.

“It’ll be cool to taste everybody else’s versions,” said Gabiniewicz.

The Brave Noise Pale Ale is expected to go on sale at the Herald Street Brew Works this December.

For more information on the campaign, you can visit the Brave Noise website.

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