CHEK Upside: Port Alberni band kicking off social distancing tour of B.C.

CHEK Upside: Port Alberni band kicking off social distancing tour of B.C.
WatchLos Borrachos is hitting the road in a vintage motorhome complete with a stage and sound system to bring live music back to B.C.

It’s touring with a twist. Island-based Los Borrachos is heading out on the road on a week-long road trip of B.C. The band’s members are all from Port Alberni but have spent the last few years touring Australia and Vietnam.

“Typically we play at least six nights a week only because we’d take Mondays off, but we could play seven nights a week there’s just so much music happening out there, so we’re used to playing every night,” says lead singer Kevin Falkenberg.

The band has been stuck on Vancouver Island since March when their Australian visas were denied due to the pandemic. Yearning for the chance to play live, the group decided to launch a summer concert series across the province. The trip will take them from Hope to Pemberton and back to Port Alberni.

“So now we’ve got multiple shows a day on this tour we’re doing,” says Falkenberg. “We’ve got 10, Boston Bar wanted to get in on the tour as well so we’ve got 10 shows at least in the next six days,”  he adds.

The jam-packed schedule is nothing new for the well travelled group.

“We’ve done like 90 shows in 60 days and stuff like that and some really intense ones where we’re playing two shows a day most days and just hitting town after town, so we’re used to it,” says Falkenberg.

The group is hitting the highway in a 1979 GMC Motorhome complete with a P.A. system and fold down stage mounted to the side of the vehicle. They will only play outdoor venues such as parks and other recreational facilities that have plenty of room for social distancing.

“People need to come together like you’ve got to get people together somehow so you can’t just totally isolate people,” says Falkenberg. “You just need to find a safe way for people to still get out and be apart of a community,” he adds.

To keep track of the band’s bohemian journey and find out when they’ll be back in Port Alberni, visit their Facebook page.


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