CHEK Upside: Jordie Lunn Memorial Bike Park nearing completion

CHEK Upside: Jordie Lunn Memorial Bike Park nearing completion
WatchThe Jordie Lunn Memorial Bike Park was announced in February and through hard work and determination, is now nearing completion.

Out in Langford off Irwin Road, a dedicated group are working together to build cycling heaven. The Jordie Lunn Memorial Bike Park was announced back in February and is already nearing completion.

The bike park will cover 14 acres and offer everything from trail tracks to big air jumps for novices and experienced riders alike.

“This is a one of a kind facility certainly in Canada, possibly in North America, of multiple different off-road cycling disciplines, so it is pretty cool everybody that comes by that rides a bike is super stoked,” says project leader Drew Mackenzie.

The approximate $1.8 million project is getting a huge boost from volunteers of all ages, putting in long hours in the summer heat.

“It’d be cool to be able to say that oh yeah I helped with this since I mean it’s pretty close to my home so it’d be fun to ride here lots. So I thought I’d help out,” says young rider Kai Sargent.

Jordie Lunn was a Vancouver Isand cross-country racing and free riding icon, known all over the world. Lunn died in October 2019 from a head injury suffered while trail riding in Mexico. The park was named and built in his honour. Lunn was a major influence on the Island cycling community, particularly, the younger generation

“I didn’t know him too too well but I rode with him a few times and he was just such a good person. I just want to give back to him and all he does for us,” says volunteer Kyle Slocomb.

The park is a collaboration involving local city workers, building partners, and community cycling groups all coming together as one.

“I’ve never seen anything move this fast with this much momentum behind it,” says trail builder Bill McLane.

“It’s coming together awesome we’ve got a lot of people stoked and everything’s moving really fast but that’s the way Langford does things we move quickly and we don’t get held up,” adds City of Langford engineering technologist Dean Tennant.

The Jordie Lunn Bike Park is expected to open on schedule this fall.


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