CHEK Upside: Easter egg hunters have different options in Nanaimo this year

CHEK Upside: Easter egg hunters have different options in Nanaimo this year
WatchMany are placing an Easter egg on their homes and the Nanaimo Clippers also have programs to help kids dealing with social distancing.

Many traditional Easter activities may be off the table this year because of COVID-19 but many are still planning on observing the holiday.

Much like the hearts-in-windows effort signs of easter are also springing up in home windows and doors.

Traditionally kids might take part in an Easter egg hunt, but in light of COVID-19 this year, there’s a new twist on the search.

“The idea is to put up at least one easter egg and then kids just go for a walk and take a picture or note where they found the easter eggs so that it’s like a scavenger hunt almost,” said Bailey Holliday.

Holliday, a Nanaimo mother, saw the idea on social media and she’s had her young daughter helped decorate some of the eggs.

It’s an extra activity when kids normal routines are amiss.

“Definitely, we went for a walk the other day and she had a huge meltdown about not being able to go to the park.”

The Nanaimo Clippers hockey organization is also trying to help this Easter.

Mascot C-Dog regularly appears at their hockey games but on the upcoming long weekend he could also be showing up at your door.

The hockey franchise is going to “let their dog out” to deliver easter treats to Nanaimo area families that request it.

“Twenty eight plus times a year our fans come out to support us. They pack out Frank Crane arena, cheer loud and make smiles on our guys and our staff’s faces so we thought what could we do in a small gesture to help them out?” said Tali Campbell, the Clippers General Manager.

The move comes in light of COVID-19 and will factor in social distancing.

The Clippers organization has also been releasing kids activities each Tuesday on its website.

“It’s a 15-page document that has colouring pages, word searches, crossword puzzles and math equations,” said Campbell.

“We encourage our fans to print them off or do them online send them into us and we can continue giving them prizes and interacting with our fans.”

The eggs on the windows and the Clipper’s efforts are both intended to help cheer kids up during this time of social distancing.

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