CHEK Upside: Duncan duo finds joy in doing other people’s chores

CHEK Upside: Duncan duo finds joy in doing other people's chores
WatchFrom cleaning gutters to trimming trees, Tyson and Caden are on a mission to help out anyone in their community who needs a hand. Kevin Charach reports.

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Whether it’s gardening, cleaning gutters or spreading asphalt, Caden and Tyson will take on grueling work for people in their community.

“They basically just tell us what to do and we’ll do it for them,” said Tyson.

“Anything from like clearing blackberry bushes, to weeding, to really anything,” said Caden.

What started as volunteering through their church quickly sprouted into helping anyone in the Cowichan Valley who could use a hand.

“I posted on Facebook, just trying to spread some word out that we wanted to help some people out for free,” said 19-year-old Caden.

They’ve lifted logs and trimmed trees — finding joy in finishing other people’s chores for no allowance. They work around five hours a day, often for complete strangers who simply send them a message via social media.

“It’s pretty cool being able to help people and just improve their days and help them out in their yards like that,” said Caden.

“Wonderful, wonderful,” said Jean Zucht, a Cobble Hill resident who reached out to Caden and Tyson for help with her garden. “It’s certainly something they’re helping me with, the heavy stuff that I can’t do, it’ll take me a week, they do in a day.”

When you dig deeper on the duo’s motivation, you’ll simply find two young men who say they were raised and taught the value in helping others — something they plan on doing for the rest of their lives.

“Oh it feels awesome, it truly does improve the quality of my life, being able to help people and see their happiness that comes from it, there’s nothing like it,” said Caden.

“When you see how much it means to them, it means a lot to you as well,” said Tyson.

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