CHEK Upside: Cowichan Valley brothers land History channel car show

WatchMatt and Steve Sager have been infatuated with finding old cars and antiques since childhood. Now they have their own show on History.

Matt and Steve Sager have been infatuated with finding old cars and antiques since childhood.

“I think even though it’s not car related it was probably on a family trip up to Atlin B.C. as a child,” says Matt.

“We stopped at every antique store and every little car nook and cranny and I think I feel in love with my first vehicle up there.”

“I’m most into getting cars to come back to life, I want to know why they’re parked there, why are they broke down,” says Steve.

“I really like keeping it [the car] original and getting it to run the way it was supposed to run.”

That love for reviving rusting relics has led to a show on History called Lost Car Rescue. With the help of pilot Jessica James, autobody specialist Dave Mischuk and crane operator Lee Brandt the brothers scour Northern B.C. and Saskatchewan for cars that would otherwise be lost to history.

“You’ll never get a more live show, it really is what you see is what you get,” says Matt.

“I mean we hunted cars as we went and we don’t leave cars behind, that’s kind of our motto, if we find a car we do everything we can to save it.”

“I was surprised by how much there were cars that were fairly complete,” says Steve.

The show has helped both Matt and Steve expand the number of cars they save as well as preserving the stories associated with each vehicle.

“I hate watching the history go away and if someone’s not there to capture that history then it’s truly lost,” says Matt.

“That’s probably the more painful part is to watch some of these cars, some of these guys that passed away, some of these women that don’t make it and those stories die with them.”

With the first episode airing already, the show has drawn positive feedback for its ability to give viewers a firsthand look at what the car rescue experience is really like.

“To have people right next to us feeling that exhilaration of what we feel is really the icing on the cake for me,” says Matt.

Lost Car Rescue airs Thursdays at 9 pm on History.

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