CHEK Upside: Cancer survivor readying for second marathon fundraiser

Watch Nigel Deacon will run the length of a marathon to raise funds for ocular melanoma patients traveling to receive a new experimental treatment.

Ocular melanoma survivor Nigel Deacon completed his first marathon fundraiser for the annual Move for Melanoma event last year.

“I couldn’t believe people’s generosity, so many people gave,” says Deacon.

Deacon’s run also introduced him to other ocular melanoma patients and survivors on the Island such as Alison Schwartz.

“I was able to message Nigel and we got in contact through the phone and met for coffee and he was a tremendous amount of support and knowledge,” says Schwartz.

“The disease is so rare finding another patient on the island is like finding a needle in a hay stack,”  Deacon says with a laugh while talking about connecting with Schwartz.

This year, Deacon will once again run the length of a marathon. This time, Deacon is raising money for patients who have to travel in order to receive a new experimental ocular melanoma treatment.

“A new drug invented by a company called Immunocore has been successful in clinical trials, but we have to help people travel to the only two centres that provide it at the moment, Edmonton and Toronto,” says Deacon.

It’s a breakthrough that’s giving ocular melanoma patients and survivors hope.

“There’s never been any treatment that’s worked for metastatic ocular melanoma and so it’s incredible that they have access to a medication that may well prolong their lives,” says Deacon.

To donate to Nigel’s fundraiser, visit his Move for Melanoma pledge page.

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