CHEK Upside: Amidst lockdown, Langford brother/sister strengthen bond through rapping

CHEK Upside: Amidst lockdown, Langford brother/sister strengthen bond through rapping
WatchNine-year-old Paige and her four-year-old brother Tanner have put in countless hours in forming their own hip hop duo called The Galaxy Rappers.

For small business owner and mother of two Carolin Roussel, the past few months haven’t been easy.

“There’s been a few challenges for sure, trying to home school and run a business at the same time,” said Roussel, owner of Eye Etiquette Optical in Langford.

But throughout the lockdown, she’s had no shortage of entertainment. Inspired by the Netflix show Storybots, Roussel’s nine-year-old daughter Paige and four-year-old son Tanner have formed a hip hop duo named The Galaxy Rappers.

“We’re working on one on velociraptors too,” said Paige during one of their daily rehearsals.

Paige is seemingly a natural when it comes to performing and despite her young age, she’s already well experienced in musical theatre and was supposed to be part of a group performance this summer at Disney World. Due to the impact of COVID-19, however, that trip was cancelled.

Therefore, she’s has plenty of time to rap with her brother. as Tanner would say, it’s time to “shake your body”.

“They put a smile on your face,” said Roussel. “They come up with some stuff that just makes you laugh hysterically.”

They post their videos on the Victoria-based Facebook page Get Down With The Lockdown, which has garnered a strong following of more than 50,000 members. For Paige and Tanner, each rehearsal and performance strengthens their brother-sister bond.

“Tanner definitely looks up to his older sister and this, out of everything, has probably caused her to have a little more patience with him,” said Roussel.

“I like hanging with Tanner because sometimes I feel alone and some people don’t have siblings so I’m thankful I even have Tanner so that I can play with him,” said Paige as she hugged her younger brother.

The two say they will continue releasing more songs and one day aim to complete their own album. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic taking its toll on Roussel’s business and Paige’s schooling, the family has found plenty of joy and perspective through the rapping project.

“When you see stuff like this it sort of puts the bad stuff in the background and makes you realize what’s truly important and, you know, your kids being healthy and happy and doing the best you can in a situation you really have no control over,” Roussel said.

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