Central Saanich police arrest prolific drug trafficker on way to Shambhala Music Festival

Central Saanich police arrest prolific drug trafficker on way to Shambhala Music Festival
Central Saanich Police
File photo: Vehicles seized by Central Saanich Police from who they say is a prolific drug trafficker, in ongoing investigations

Central Saanich police say they have arrested a prolific drug trafficker while he was on his way to Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, B.C.

Officers pulled over the Central Saanich man, who is in his 20’s, as part of an ongoing investigation on Tuesday — while he was driving to the Swartz Bay ferry terminal.

They seized his truck and after a search warrant was issued they allegedly discovered scales, drug packaging and illicit drugs believed to be cocaine, psilocybin (magic mushrooms),
Methamphetamine, LSD, Xanax and other pharmaceuticals.

Around $1500 in cash was also said to be located and seized.

They believe he was going to the festival to traffic drugs.

“A person like this is a risk to the public and health… with the current fentanyl and carfentanil crisis. Overdoses have causes catastrophic results in the province and country, we are definitely going to focus on anyone trafficking any drugs, including those that could be laced with those,” said Deputy Police Chief Derren Lench.

Police say the man has been the subject of other drug trafficking investigations. Since December 2018 Central Saanich Police have seized approximately $75,000 worth of illicit drugs, $36,000 in cash, 19 cell phones and nine vehicles.

Referrals to the Civil Forfeiture Office have resulted in claims against the residence, cash and the original seven vehicles seized. Action is pending on the two most recently seized vehicles.

Central Saanich Police advise the public that they can anonymously report suspected drug trafficking to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, or they can contact Central Saanich Police directly at 250-652-4441.


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