Car crashes into Nanaimo business, no injuries

Car crashes into Nanaimo business, no injuries
Hair Tech Salon
A car crashed into a Nanaimo business in the 1700-block of Bowen Road Friday night.

Mistaking the gas pedal for the brakes led to a frightening incident for employees as a car crashed into a Nanaimo business.

Nanaimo Fire says the incident happened about 5 p.m., when a Pine Tree Square customer stepped on the gas, instead of the brake, which sent the vehicle into Venue Financial Centres in the 1700-block of Bowen Road.

Fire officials say two people were inside the business, but they were unharmed.

So too was the driver.

There is extensive damage to the business, while the car had damage to its front end.

A person working at neighbouring Hair Tech Salon says it was a very close call for one of the employees involved.

“Oh god, they were right close. The desk was hit and she had to jump out of the way,” said Chelsey Brown. “So if there were any customers in there at the time, they would have suffered. And if she didn’t jump out of the way, she would have been seriously injured.”

Brown says the business was finishing its last client of the day when the car slammed into the business next door.

“All of a sudden we hear a rumble and it sounded like an earthquake and the whole building shook. Came outside to see nothing. Walked around the corner and the car was inside the building.”

Nanaimo fire says ICBC is now helping the building with insurance. No word on any penalties to the driver.


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