Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield with the Victoria Symphony

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield with the Victoria Symphony

Canadian Astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield harnessed the power of social media to make outer space accessible to millions.

Now, in three sold out shows, Colonel Hadfield will share his experiences in space, accompanied by the Victoria Symphony.

“Space flight is younger than I am” Hadfield points out.

“When I was born, no one had ever flown in space, so it’s still new to us, culturally and as a species…

“So how” asks the astronaut “do you share it with people, how do you explain it?”

That was the challenge he faced as he chronicled life aboard the International Space Station during his third expedition in space.

“And I’ve tried with pictures, with social media, with words and descriptions, and with music…”

And when he picked up that guitar in space, Hadfield ignited an passionate global following.

Now back on earth, the Commander is reigniting that passion, on stage, backed by symphony orchestras.

He explains that his goal is “to tell stories, to have images projected up behind the symphony, to play songs and sing some of the lyrics, to interact with the crowd…

“It ends up trying to encapsulate the whole experience as richly as I possibly can.”

So how does playing with a full orchestra compare to one guitar in space?

“It’s pretty daunting playing with a symphony” Hadfield admits.

“It’s weird to look over your shoulder and have forty people and tubular bells and a grand piano…but the result is so big, and it’s sort of what I always hear in my head when I’m playing music, you know I imagine that there’s a symphony behind me.”

And playing with the Victoria Symphony has special significance for the astronaut.

“I used to live in Victoria, I went to school here, I went to Royal Roads…and my mother-in-law lives here in Victoria, she has for over twenty years…

“It’s lovely to be here, back where I used to live” Hadfield muses with a warm smile.

And the astronaut and media sensation will play to full houses at Victoria’s Royal Theatre.

All three performances of Rocket Man with the Victoria Symphony this weekend, have sold out.

“Hopefully the audience will come away from each of the performances with a little different view of what space travel is like…

“And maybe more importantly, what our world truly looks like from the untrespassed sanctity of space.”

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