Boil water advisory issued for Saturna Island

Boil water advisory issued for Saturna Island

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An issue at the Lyall Harbour Boot Cove Water system has resulted in a Boil water advisory for some residents on Saturna Island.

The Capital Regional District says the water system has lost pressure, and crews are on site working to fix the issue.

All residents receiving water from the  Lyall Harbour Boot Cove Water system are under the advisory.

It was issued  Saturday in consultation with Island Health, and will be removed when Island Health is satisfied the water will no longer pose a health concern.

Residents in the impacted area are advised to boil all water used for:

  • drinking
  • preparing food
  • beverages and ice cubes
  • Washing fruits and vegetables,
  • brushing teeth

Water can be treated by bringing it to a rolling boil for one minute.

Adults, teens and older children can wash, bathe or shower. However, they should avoid swallowing the water.

Toddlers and infants should be sponge bathed.

Fore more information about the advisory and other updates residents can visit


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