BMX bike tracks report ‘constant misuse’ from Cumberland to Victoria


BMX tracks from Cumberland to Victoria say this year, they’ve been facing constant misuse of their tracks. From dirt bikes to mountain bikes and longboards, people are breaking in, riding during the rain, and using non BMX bikes that rip up their tracks.

“It just gets a little disheartening you know you spend a lot of time out there with your volunteers on your own time on weekends,” said Kyle Besler, president of the Greater Victoria BMX Association.

The Greater Victoria BMX Association’s track at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre is built for BMX bikes only with a mix of clay and sand. On Sunday, security cameras caught a man with a motorized longboard hopping the fence and chewing up the track in the rain.

“Lots of ruts in the track, 2-3 inches wide, about an inch deep,” said Besler. “It can create a lot of damage, and it takes hours and hours in repairs before you can get your members out there riding and having fun.”

It’s forced race days and practices for kids to be cancelled, created a huge burden for volunteers tasked with repairing the damage, and ultimately can be dangerous.

“If there are ruts and stuff, your tires can get in them and you can slip and fall,” said 19-year-old rider Riley Brosius.

The break and enters, and ripped up tracks aren’t just happening in Greater Victoria.

“They’ve had the same thing up at Cole Hill, Oceanside has been broken into a few times they’re based out of Qualicum,” said Besler.

It’s a headache both the parents and athletes who volunteer their time to maintain the track would like to avoid.

“You want a good track so you can go to nationals and be prepared right?” said Brosius, who has dreams of going pro.

But instead of shaming and blaming those misusing the track, the riders have an invitation.

“Instead of grabbing a longboard or anything that’s going to rip it up, just grab a bike and come down,” said Brosius.

Kori SidawayKori Sidaway

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