Blue shark bites off hooked salmon near Ucluelet

Blue shark bites off hooked salmon near Ucluelet
Randy Oliwa/Little Beach Resorts
A blue shark swims beside a boat after taking a bit of a salmon that was caught by a man fishing Monday near Ucluelet.

A man from Salmon Beach, near Ucluelet, has had fish taken off his line before, but what happened Monday was a new experience.

Dave Schofield was on a fishing trip with Ucluelet Fishing Charters and Little Beach Resorts when he thought he was reeling in the big one.

Turns out the salmon he had on his hook had a blue shark attached to it as well.

“I’ve had seals take fish away from me, but never a shark,” Schofield said Thursday night.

Dave Schofield of Salmon Beach was reeling in a salmon Monday afternoon near Ucluelet, but a blue shark came along and bit off half of the fish. Photo courtesy Randy Oliwa/Little Beach Resorts.

The moment was caught on camera by Randy Oliwa of Little Beach Resorts and shows a shark had just taken off the tail end of the fish, before swimming near the boat, skipped by Dean Robin.

Schofield didn’t weigh the half-eaten salmon but estimates it would have been around 25 pounds if the shark hadn’t taken a big chunk out of it.

The shark is estimated to have been seven or eight feet long.

He says he’s heading back to the same spot to fish Friday off Southbank, near Ucluelet, and is hoping to see another shark in the water.


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