Blue Bridge Theatre presents The Drawer Boy

Blue Bridge Theatre presents The Drawer Boy

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre is celebrating its tenth anniversary and their latest production, “The Drawer Boy,” is a classic “dramedy” – a drama and a comedy rolled into one.

Actor Michael Armstrong plays the character “Morgan” in the play. The Drawer Boy is about two older fellows, farmers, they’ve been living on a farm for 30 years in rural Ontario, and in 1972 a young actor from the city comes and lives with them for a number of weeks. It’s about the way, I think, the young man acts as a catalyst. He changes the lives of the two men in unexpected ways,” says Armstrong.

“I was in the Toronto theatre scene in the early 70s,” says actor Gary Farmer, who plays the role of Angus.

“The author, the playwright Michael Healy, was a contemporary of mine as an actor in those days, through the 80s and 90s in the Toronto theatre scene, and I watched Michael climb to be an award-winning playwright, and it was wonderful to see.”

The Drawer Boy will be performed at the Roxy Theatre on Quadra Street until July 15.

“I think [audiences] will be uplifted,” says Farmer. “I think they’ll be moved. I think they’ll have a good night’s entertainment with laughter and some great jokes in it and some very classic Canadian humour.”

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