‘Bittersweet’: Lyle’s Place closing after four decades

'Bittersweet': Lyle's Place closing after four decades
WatchA staple of the Victoria music scene is closing its doors after four successful decades. Hannah Lepine has more.

A staple of the Victoria music scene is closing its doors after four successful decades.

Lyle’s Place, located on Yates Street, announced that will be closing its doors sometime in the coming weeks after being in business since 1982.

On Wednesday, a giant line of customers wrapped around the building, getting in possibly their last Lyle’s purchase of a new vinyl or CD after the store.

“It’s sad but also, it’s time,” says one of the owners, Janice Lyle.

“I used to drop a lot of money here every week when I was younger. You walk into the place and the smell of the hardwood floors, and the dust, and browsing through a lot of hard-to-find items,” one customer told CHEK News. “It’s kind of bittersweet when a business closes it’s shop because of all the reasons they’ve expressed, you know it’s understandable and you know that they’re going to enjoy their retirement days,”

Following the announcement that Lyle’s Place was closing, many wrote on the store’s Facebook page to express their sadness and share memories.

“So sad you guys are closing, loved you for so long, so many of my albums and posters and my most prized sweater that’s a collectible I got from you. Thank you for all you’ve done and provided Victoria for,” wrote Bryn Kelsey Oliver.

“I have purchased my whole music collection from Lyle’s, over 400 CDs, 2 a paycheck since I was 16. This hurts the soul,” wrote Jacob Walker.

“Thank you for being a part of 80’s adolescence. You had everything I loved. You will be missed,” wrote Isabel Lizama.

“This was THEE place to get tickets to local concerts, such a loss on that old nightlife in Victoria, I found many gems here,” wrote Kenny Corrigal.

For years, Lyle’s has an iconic store in the city’s downtown, bringing people together from all walks of life and all around the world.

“A fellow came in not doing too well, he was hobbling around and he said ‘I really wanted to come to you one last time,” recalled Lyle. “Then the next week his son came in and he said, ‘you know my dad came here, it’s the last place he wanted to go to before he died because that’s the last thing he wanted to do, it was his favorite place,'”

A beloved Victoria spot that won’t be forgotten by many.

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Lyle’s Place on Yates Street will be closing after four decades. (CHEK News)

Customers shop inside Lyles’s Place on Yates Street. (CHEK News)

Customers seen lining up to get into Lyle’s Place. The line stretched all the way down to Johnson Street. (CHEK News)


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