Bike food vendors could be rolling into Victoria this summer

Bike food vendors could be rolling into Victoria this summer

WATCH: Victoria has approved a pilot project that would allow bicycle food vendors to operate in the B.C. Capital this summer. Ceilidh Millar reports.

Food lovers across the Capital Region could soon enjoy a new style of fare that would put good deals and tasty meals on two wheels. 

“This is about giving entrepreneurs the chance to try their hand at creating a successful business in Victoria on their bikes” said City of Victoria Councillor Jeremy Loveday. 

The City of Victoria will wheel out a bicycle food vendor pilot project this summer.

Loveday says the project has been in the works for over a year. 

“I heard from three different entrepreneurs who wanted to do mobile street vending on bicycles,” explained Loveday.  

“Yesterday we passed a motion to move forward with the pilot project.” 

Alain Dignum and Christian Kuhric were some of the entrepreneurs that first expressed their interest. 

They plan to model their business around a concept that will bring back childhood memories – old-fashioned ice cream served up on a bicycle. 

“Why not just bring it to them in an old-fashioned way, old school way that used to be done when I was a child” said Kuhric.

“It’s a good way to stay in shape, hire some students and spread some ice cream around the town” explained Dignum. 

The idea could change Victoria’s strict street-vendor bylaw.

It’s been years since any new food vendors, including trucks and carts, have been allowed to operate on city streets.

Only three mobile food vendors have permits to operate on city property, but food trucks are allowed on private property. 

Renaat Marchand, owner of Wannawafel, has concerns about the new project. 

“You have to be very realistic about it” said Marchand.

In 2010, Marchard pitched his waffle cart business on CBC’s Dragon Den. 

While his mobile operation and store location has been successful, he hopes this pilot project will reform the City’s current system.

“We all have to make a living and we have to pay staff to be there,” explained Marchand. “The project with the bicycles will be a good test.”

With many plans still in motion, the City hopes to roll out applications for the bike food vendor project in the coming weeks. 

Ceilidh MillarCeilidh Millar

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