BC Parks recommends bringing hand sanitizer when visiting its parks

BC Parks recommends bringing hand sanitizer when visiting its parks
WatchBC Parks says some of its washrooms without running water are not supplied with hand sanitizer and people should bring their own.

If you’re heading to a provincial park, remember to pack your hand sanitizer.

Since reopening, BC Parks has been advising people to wash their hands before and after going to the washroom to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But in some facilities, you won’t find any way to do that unless you bring it yourself.

It caught a number of people in Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park by surprise on Wednesday.

“It does a little bit, especially because they tell you to use it before and after you go to the washroom,” said Erin Brown, a park visitor.

“We left ours in the car. We made a mad dash for the bathroom when we arrived,” said Maggie Baynham, another park visitor.

Washrooms without hand sanitizer have a BC Parks sign blaming a supply shortage.

BC Parks says the signs went up when the parks reopened in mid-May.

“The sign inside saying there’s a shortage but I thought our supply had caught up by now?” said Baynham.

“The businesses and restaurants are able to find their supply OK so I think the park would be able to,” said David Williams.

BC Parks says it’s not aware of a large scale issue with the ability to purchase hand sanitizer but says park operators’ ability to source it varies around the province.

“There’s nothing there. I hope people bring some with them,” said Brown.

BC Parks says if you use any washrooms with running water you will find soap but if you use any others, you’ll need to bring your own.

BC Parks says operators are re-supplying hand sanitizer regularly where available, however, BC Parks is unable to “guarantee a supply at all times due to theft etcetera.”

If you’re heading to a provincial park, BC Parks has a list of recommendations on its website to stay safe.

The first known case of COVID-19 to be found on Vancouver Island in weeks was reported on June 22.

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