B.C.’s restart plan receives mixed reviews from local residents

B.C.'s restart plan receives mixed reviews from local residents

Reaction to the province’s reopening plan has not all been positive — while some say they’re ready for life to go get back to normal, others are a bit more reluctant.

Victoria resident Nicole Downs said while she’s excited to see more services open up, it’s happening sooner than she expected.

“It’s been going on for so long so it’s like, is this really happening?” she said. “They say concerts and stuff will happen soon. I’m not fully confident that that’s actually going to happen.”

The province’s restart plan rolls out in four phases — by the end of June at the earliest, masks will no longer be mandatory. By July, travel will open up around the country and by September, the province will be fully reopened.

Some residents say they’re excited while others are cautiously optimistic

“I can’t wait to get out a bit more. And maybe meet a friend for coffee,” Donna Hamilton said with a laugh.

“I’m happy about it. We don’t have a lot of cases on the island, so it’s safer than anywhere else as far as I’m concerned,” Debby Wamboldt said.

“I like the whole idea, I just hope people are being responsible and still being cautious about the transmission of this disease,” said Blair Wamboldt.

According to a recent national survey conducted by polling and marketing research firm Leger in collaboration with the Association for Canadian Studies, about half of Canadians feel anxious about the return to “normal” after COVID-19.

Bonnie Leadbeater, a professor of psychology at the University of Victoria, said mixed reactions to the reopening was to be expected as everyone reacts to change differently.

“If your comfort level says ‘I’m not ready to have people in. I’m not ready to abandon my masks. I’m not ready to go to a restaurant,’ you should listen to that little voice because you don’t need to push yourself into optional things. And you may need that energy for your return to work, for your return to studies, for your return to caring for your family,” she said.

She said while the restart plan may be exciting to some, it can be stressful for others, and the return to “normal” will be a gradual one.

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