B.C. lifts ban on evictions that aren’t related to late payments

B.C. lifts ban on evictions that aren't related to late payments
Nicholas Pescod/CHEK
British Columbia has lifted a ban on evictions that are for reasons other than late payments.

Evictions for reasons other than late payments can now resume.

The B.C. government said in a press release on Wednesday that the moratorium on evictions, which had been in effect since March 30, has now been lifted as the province moves forwards with Phase 3 of its restart plan.

The announcement means that landlords with existing orders for eviction can take them to the courts beginning July 2. It also means that landlords can enter a rental suite with 24-hour notice and do not need the tenant’s consent, provided they follow health guidelines such as physical distancing, cleaning and wearing masks.

However, the moratorium on rent increases and evictions for non-payment of rent will remain in place. The ability to restrict access to common spaces for COVID-19 related health reasons also remains in place.

“The province is committed to giving people advance notice before lifting the moratorium on evictions for non-payment of rent at a future date. A framework will be put in place that will require landlords to work with tenants to repay rent that is owing over a reasonable period of time,” the B.C. government said in its release.

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