Asian giant hornet found in Abbotsford, government says

Asian giant hornet found in Abbotsford, government says
B.C. Ministry of Agriculture
An Asian giant hornet seen in a file photo.

The B.C. government says one Asian giant hornet was discovered on Monday in Abbotsford.

The hornet was found in the 7000-block of Bradner Road on Nov. 2, according to the government.

Now Abbotsford-area beekeepers and residents are being asked to report if they see any Asian giant hornets (Vespa mandarinia).

An invasive species that can destroy can rapidly destroy honeybee colonies, “murder hornets” as they are sometimes called, are considered a major threat to apple, berry and other fruit crops in the Pacific Northwest.

Single hornets were found in White Rock and Langley in 2019, and on 0 Avenue in Langley in 2020. A nest has never been found in the Fraser Valley or Lower Mainland.

Survey efforts in the Fraser Valley in 2020 have focused on surveillance and trap monitoring along 0 Avenue with the support of local beekeepers and other organizations, as well as in Nanaimo, where a nest was located and destroyed in 2019.

In October 2020, Washington State Department of Agriculture entomologists eradicated an Asian giant hornet nest following multiple findings of single hornets in the same area of Blaine, Washington.

The B.C. government said Asian giant hornet activity declines rapidly as colder temperatures arrive but people are still encouraged to report possible findings.

This can be done through by the Invasive Species Council of BC at 1 888 933-3722, via the council’s Report Invasives mobile phone app or at

The government said a sting from an Asian giant hornet can be very painful and cause localized swelling, redness and itching due to the larger amount of venom injected. However, the hornets are not interested in humans, pets and large animals, the government says. Asian giant hornets hunt insects for food and will only attack people when their nest is disturbed.

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