Animal control says dog that attacked four people in Colwood will be euthanized Tuesday


WATCH: CRD Animal Control says a pit bull-mastiff cross that attacked multiple people at a home in Colwood on the weekend will be put down. April Lawrence reports.

This weekend in Colwood something caused a four-year-old pit bull-mastiff cross named Rex to snap.

His owner Kyla Johnson says her fiance and dad were getting loud playing the video game Call of Duty when Rex started to yelp. He suddenly went on the attack and jumped on Johnson’s dad. She tried to get him off with no success.

“I tried grabbing his favourite treats and saying Rex come here, Rex come here, and he just wouldn’t stop, those screams, they were horrible,” an emotional Johnson told CHEK News on Sunday.

The dog then went after Johnson herself, her fiance and her aunt. Three of them ended up in the hospital.

“He was a good dog, but that wasn’t him that night, he switched,” Johnson said.

Rex is now in the care of CRD Animal Control who says, due to liability and community safety, the dog will be euthanized Tuesday.

“Of course our concern is if that dog was released to the owner or released to another family that another serious attack could happen,” said CRD Animal Control Manager Don Brown.

Brown says very little is known about Rex’s past. Johnson took him in six months ago after learning his previous owner on the Lower Mainland was going to put him down. He may have had several owners before.

Brown says if you’re going to rescue an animal, do it from a reputable organization.

“There’s multiple agencies around where people can find dogs without having to go outside of this area especially when they’re getting a dog where they don’t know the history,” he said.

Brown insists there is no breed of dog responsible for more attacks than another but he says training at a young age and knowing your dog’s history is critical.

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